Bethanchowk Donation Summary

Being a social enterprise, one of the company’s missions is to help in the social development in any way possible. As our expertise is in Multimedia and IT, we try to help as much as through these services. SYF Nepal has started a donation initiative that happens in an interval of every three or six months in a year targeting different places of Nepal.

At the end of the second quarter of 2019, on 7th June, we went to Bethanchowk which is located on the southern side of Kavre district and believed to be the highest peak of the Kavre Hills. It was our second visit. Last year we could only reach Dhunkharka which was half a kilometer below the Bethanchowk hill. From there, we got to know that the inhabitants of Tamang Basti were actually lacking the basic survival needs and this compelled us to plan our second visit.

Donation Collection

For the donation campaign, we approached our friends and organizations in our contact. Besides Kathmandu, we were very glad to have Team Ekyam from Belbari, Biratnagar who raised support for this campaign and sent donation items all the way to Kathmandu. We express our gratitude to the Ekyam team for supporting us in this social cause.

How we started

We coordinated with Miss Karishma Tamang, the principal of Tawari Buddha Addarsha Prabhi, Kamidanda, Bethanchowk-6 for providing us information regarding the condition of school and community. She told us that the government is lenient in caring for their school.

For the journey, we booked an SUV vehicle Scorpio for one way transportation. SYF team had packed all the donation stuff one night before it and it resulted in staying at the office. There was heavy rainfall and thunderstorm the whole night which made us reluctant to begin our campaign. However, our enthusiasm for donation surpassed our reluctance. Moreover, the god of rain blessed us by stopping the rain right before the start of engine.

Due to earlier rainfall, there was a clear sky and good weather throughout the journey which made the mountains more visible and wonderful.

Travel Experience

Bethanchowk hill is said to be the king of hills of Kavre from where whole Karve is seen with the beautiful Mahabharat mountain range. We found pitch road till Dhunkharka. Interestingly, there are only two to three buses that travel daily to this place due to the longer travel time of around three to four hours. After Dhunkharka, the road was muddy and hence we took more time to reach Bethanchowk. It was nearly four hours of the journey.

Donation Experience

Giving is joyful than accepting often.

It was one of the best experiences for all of us to donate to students, women, schools, and community of the Bethanchowk. We learned the method of donations and communicating with Tamang people. We got the opportunity to get closer to their culture, behaviors, lifestyle, households and the place itself.

What We Did

1. Menstrual hygiene awareness for Women with the use of sanitary pads
2. Donation of stationery items for students and school
3. First aid for School and Community
4. Awareness of the importance of Education
5. Survey on the condition of Bethanchowk and pressuring the local body to resolve them from a sustainable point of view

Return Fun

Since there were no hotels and lodge, we had to stay at school but the humble Raju dai(‘brother’) let us all stayed at his home. We took a lot of drone footage on our visit. We had to return by foot to Panauti as the tire of the last bus got punctured and reached around 8 PM. This made us stay a night at Panauti since we couldn’t get any vehicle to Kathmandu. The next morning, we woke up at 6 AM and took the 7 AM bus.


Overall, it was a nice donation campaign. We found a lot of hidden needs of the people especially basic needs like more health posts, lack of educated people and good sewage system etc. It was worth a place for the donation and found that they were really in need of it.

Donation Items Photo: SYF Productions

Boy carrying donated items Photo: SYF Productions

Finally, we would conclude by saying that “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of another”.

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