Have Confusion Finding SYF? Read this

Our office has been located in Lalitpur, Nepal, the third largest city after Kathmandu and Pokhara. The nearest landmark is Labim Mall, Pulchowk which is around ~5 min walkable distance from office.

The best way to reach our office is via Google Map. Click on ‘Directions’ and select ‘Current Location’ in starting point.

Still want travel guide then read below:

You can reach SYF Nepal office from 3 paths

1. From Labim Mall
2. Behind the Labim Mall(From Everest Bank)
3. From Patan Dhokha

1. From Labim Mall:

  • Once you reach Labim Mall take route to Patan(don’t have to reach Patan).
  • On your right side, you would find ‘Madan Smarak HS School’.
  • Just as you finish school’s area covered by wall turn left of computer shop.
  • Walking from there, keeping Madan school at left you will see a Newari style gate written ‘Chabahal Dhoka’.
  • Once you reach Chabahal Dhokha you can see pink coloured building with SYF Neapal at its top.
  • Just come inside we are at 3rd floor.
2. Behind the Labim Mall(From Everest Bank) {The Shortest Path}

There is gravelled road behind labim mall or Evrest Bank of Pulchowk from main road you can take that and come straight. Then at end point you would see ‘Chabahal Dhokha’ and pink colour building with SYF Nepal board. Just come at 3rd floor. You will find us.

3. From Patan Dhokha

Just take righ turn from Patan Dhokha keeping ‘Siddharthaa Bank’ at left. Just on right side there is ‘Dhokaima Cafe’ and ahead there is ‘Rato Bangala School’ . Taking few steps you will see white builiding ‘Social Welfare Division’ just opposite to it there is a ‘Chaitya’(Buddha Stupa) and ‘Chabahal Dhokha’.

For more you can contact at +977 9843639078. Our office hour usually starts at 10 AM and ends at 6PM. See You!

SYF Nepal

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